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ABC Family

A family kind of family.

The newest Muddleberry video is for FAMILIES!


Every young boy’s fantasy of the teacher’s lounge brought to life by UCB’s Muddleberry.

A special presentation from our guest writer, 7th grader David Mason.  Enjoy.

Iron Man Vs Iron Union

After defeating The Mandarin in Iron Man 3, Iron Man faces his greatest challenge yet: Organized labor!


This death could have been caused by, literally, anything.

Starring David Christenson, Jackie Johnson, and Matt Newell

Happy Thanksgiving to Americans, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to Canadians, from Muddleberry!

Starring Holly Prazoff, Monika Smith, Ryan Meharry, and Patrick Carlyle!

Welcome to Muddleberry, Internet!

In our first video, Washington needs to stand up to Washington insiders.

Starring Dave Theune, Julie Brister, and Johnny Meeks!